Why Over 1.5 Goals Is Better Than Both Teams To Score

play over 1.5 goals rather than btts in football bettingWinning a football bet earns you not only money but also uplifts your moods. A huge number of gamblers are sports enthusiasts, and betting is more fun. Their monetary expectations are not very high because they stake low, unlike the professional gamblers who risk thousands of dollars on football games. Regardless of the amount of stake, the common factor is that both groups of gamblers bet intending to win.

The difference between betting on over 1.5 goals and both teams to score

Betting on an over 1.5 goals system means the teams you score must witness at least 2 goals within the 90 minutes. Both teams to score, on the other hand, mean that both teams that you placed the bet on must score at least one goal each. The only similarity with these betting options is that in both, the goals must be two or more.

Why is Over 1.5 Goals is safer than Both Teams To Score

Both teams to score is a very profitable bet because it has very high odds. They often range between 1.7 odds to 2.6 or even more. It is trendy because getting three such predictions can earn you a fortune if you stake high. Both teams to score is an appropriate choice when betting on football leagues that witness several goals like the German Bundesliga. The best betting strategy for both teams to score is conducting serious research by checking the head to head statistics.

Settling for over 1.5 goals is wiser compared to both teams to score. Even though this market is less profitable due to the low odds, they are safer because all you need is at least two goals from any team. Both teams to score option ties your bets to at least one goal from each team.

There are several games that end with Over 1.5 goals, with both the teams not scoring. 1:0 or 0:0 scores are the only scenarios where games do not record more than 1. Both teams to score is very risky because there are several possible results like 2:0, 3:0, 4:0, and more that ends as over 1.5 but not both teams to score.

At Main-Bet, there're dedicated pages for Both Teams To Score Predictions and Over 1.5 Predictions led by our football betting experts.

The advantages of betting on goals

Over 1.5 and Both teams to score are tickets that are entirely dependent on goals. With the unpredictable nature of football, switching to betting on goals is a genius idea. Most games end up opposite to expectation, thus exposing you to regular losses. Betting on goals is very advantageous because your only concern is the number of goals. If a game between Lille and PSG ends at 2:2, 2:1, 1:2, or 5:5, your over1.5, and both teams to score betting tickets win. What are you waiting for? Start betting on goals to make more money!

How valuable is the Under 1.5 Bet?

Placing an Under 1.5 Bet is one of the most profitable bets, but the chances of winning are very minimal. An less than 1.5 bet restricts the total number of games to 1 in standard time. You can try this market for tournament finals of defensive football leagues.

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