Which Team Has The Best Chances To Win 2020/21 Champions League?

The 2020/2021 Champions League season is very unpredictable, considering the quality of teams that progressed to the round of 16. In the previous campaign, Bayern Munich emerged champions after edging out Paris Saint Germain in the final. However, there are a lot of imbalances brought about by COVID 19 restrictions. All games will be played without fans and, damn! - very boring.

Read through for our predictions of the most likely teams to win this year's Champions League.

Round of 16 fixtures


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Manchester City

Manchester City

Pep Guardiola has transformed Manchester City from an average team to title contenders. With quality players in the team like Raheem sterling, Elkay Gundogan, and Phil Foden, their tie against Borussia Monchengladbach is a walk in the park.

This team has proven that it is their time. In the recent encounter with Liverpool, they scored 4 four goals in a 1-4 hammering of EPL champions. Playing against them in any competition is a disaster, and they will definitely sail smoothly to the finals.

Odds To Win: 3.90 (25%)

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich

Who wants to face off against Bayern? They are arguably one of the best team in the world. They are champions, and beating them is no joke. Bayern beat PSG effortlessly in last year's much-hyped final, and this season, they are looking even better. With the services of in-form Lewandovski, Muller, and Gnabry, they are a real force to reckon.

Odds To Win: 3.34 (29%)



After over 15 years in the dark, Liverpool is back on track, thanks to Jurgen Klopp's super strategies. The 2018/2019 Champions League winners are looking forward to another good season, and considering their recent form, Liverpool is a team to watch. Last seasons EPL champions have had a rock-solid team that is difficult to beat. With the likes of Virgil van Djik, Salah, Mane, and Fabinho, The 2020/2021 Champions League might be theirs to take. They are playing Leipzig, another good team, but they must win.

Odds To Win: 6.40 (15%)


Paris Saint-Germain

PSG has had a poor record in the previous champion's league campaign despite spending big in the transfer window to sign quality players like Neymar and Di Maria. However, if they get their cards right, this season can be theirs to win.

They are playing Barcelona in the round of 16 stages, which, to be sincere, is the toughest fixture. I see them going through because Barca has bigger housekeeping problems and has struggled to win league games this season. They recently sacked Ernest valved, and the new coach has not yet settled; hence, PSG is a better place to win this fixture comfortably.

Odds To Win: 9.10 (10%)


The Dark Horse – Juventus

Juventus is another favorite for this season's campaign. Signing Ronaldo paid off since with him, Juventus are a rejuvenated team. Their round of 16 fixtures against Porto is simple, and they will win without a struggle. If Juventus works its way to the finals, they are very likely to triumph.

Odds To Win: 9.10 (10%)

The possibility of either of the rest teams including Real Madrid and Barcelona winning the 2020-21 Champions League is 11%.

Who do you think will win 2020-21 CL?

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