The Future Of Newcastle United: Could 2020 See New Owners For The Club?

If you have been following football for a while now, you will notice that Newcastle United have been struggling for a little while now. Currently sat at 13th on the league table the team has had a difficult time in their matchups. But with the potential of a deal coming for the team, could 2020 see a brand new owner of the club?

The Effects Of Covid-19 On British Football

During this unprecedented time, Covid-19 has had a huge impact on everyday activities. With many being told to stay inside and stop the spread, this has meant that many love events have seen cancellations or at the very least, postponements until later on in 2020.

One of the hardest hit by this is, of course, British Football as the Premier League has had to be postponed as a direct result. This has, therefore, meant a huge loss in revenue for the 20 clubs involved in the league. With many receiving criticisms for using the government Furlough scheme to pay non-playing staff, they have received a vast amount of negative press lately.  However, for many of the larger clubs in the league, they can sustain themselves until the league begins again.

What Could This Mean For The Club

Newcastle United has been on the market for many years now and has had very little interest. With many seeing them as a poor playing team requiring a lot of work, several high bets were on Max Allegri to take over the club. The former Juventus manager was a top pick by many of the best betting sites as a favourite to take over the club however this looks like it may not be the case.

With a deal currently in motion between, current manager Mike Ashley, one of Britain’s richest families and the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund is looking likely. There have been several reports of this happening in the past months, however, there is no definitive proof. For many, this may seem like the worst possible time to purchase a Premier League club such as this.

However, as more and more clubs begin to take a hit due to the lack of games and loss of revenue, this has the potential to level the playing field in the league. This, therefore, means that brand new owners have time to assess what the club needs and make changes before the season begins again. Therefore, the signing of a deal such as this is a promising sign for the fans as the club has seen far from promising so far in the season before it was postponed.

The Concerns For Future Owners

As the fans catch wind of this potential signing, many problem areas are emerging that they would like to see resolved. One of the biggest problems is the connection between the club and the fans. With many feeling as though, this has been missing in recent years, this is something that the club will need to consider to keep people coming back and supporting the team during both home and away games.

In addition to this, another problem area is the squad themselves. For many, the communication between the squad and the chemistry that they have is not enough to win them matches. This is an important part of what makes football teams great and is what is letting them down. If money was spent acquiring players and boosting chemistry within the team, many are sure that this will be enough to see the team improve.

The Future Of The Club

As this is only speculation at this time, this deal is set to be a huge benefit to the club in a time that is anything but ideal for premier league teams. However, with the uncertainty surrounding whether or not the clubs will be able to return to the pitch in 2020, this could have a profound effect on the club moving forward.

As the future of the club hangs in the balance the effects of Covid-19 are continuing to be felt around the world. This is making it harder than ever to make a definitive decision about the current state of the league and whether or not we will see it continue during 2020?
Article Added: 27 Apr 2020, 11:59 GMT+0

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