Portugal vs. France. Prediction and tip on the Euro-2016 Final 10 July, 2016

The Match Is Over. Score: 1:0
Portugal vs. France. Prediction and tip on the Euro-2016 Final 10 July, 2016

Portugal vs. France Final Match Preview:

This is the final, friends! For a whole month we enjoyed these great matches, which forced us to empathize as a clear favorite, and all the same obvious outsiders. Some were rejected early, and someone to administer the last sensation. But that's in the past, and now all attention is directed to the main event, where we will wait for the battle against the host team Portugal tournament - the French national team. Quotes on the team are very different, but whether it will play a significant role in the final match of Euro 2016?

Portugal on the eve their fixture against France

Hardly anyone could imagine the national team of Portugal in the final, and with the lack of wins in the group, this skepticism only intensified. But Santos team in this respect was their opinion and their snail they sometimes hesitantly, but still moving forward. Let the type of game they could not seem spectacular, but the original favorites for the finals - the Croats, they still managed to intimidate. Croatians are so afraid to counter-attack by the "European Brazilians" that deliberately abandoned his powerful attacking potential. All play with a reserve that sometimes reached the point of absurdity lateral passes between Modrica and Rakitic. Hardly team won Spain in their group, and reserve staff, played so gently, if the Portuguese were really as bad as it might seem at a cursory glance to the vast number of the inhabitants of football.

The initial slope of the defense for the Portuguese - it is not new to the team, and Santos coach in this regard is only prodvigatorom this dogma. But in addition to defense, he still managed to seriously alter the vector and the attacker of his team. Playing without the nominal center-forward has opened a lot of variations to the game on the field. With the arrival of Santos no distinct restraints on positions, and a bunch of offensive attack - Ronaldo, Nani Sanchesh-remains a mystery for the opponents to this day. The constant change of flanks, permanent connection from the bottom - that's what the opponents are afraid of the Portuguese national team. But this element is not opened immediately, and in the group stage it was forced to be reserved for Ronaldo. Moutinho could not properly conduct the game in attack and supply its partners high-quality transmission, which in fact resulted in the initial stupor. The coach had to give playing time to other players here Sanchesh and distinguished himself by showing himself a good attack and upbuilding player.

But the main person team still can not move too far, because he always declares himself extremely important, and no less beautiful goals. In the match against Wales all proceeded according to the standard, accurate, the scenario where no one wanted to take any chances. "Dragons," in the absence of Ramsey, all their attacking potential shouldered per Bale, which undoubtedly facilitated the game in defense for Portugal. Throughout the game the Welsh were able to check in a long-range shots, which, in fact, belonged to Gareth. But the Portuguese, with his variativnoj offensive scheme in the second half started more confident and more confident grope their game in attack. Control the opponent's half of the field became even more aggressive, and that resulted in a standard feed with which Ronaldo and implemented. Goal turned out far from ordinary and damn important, which helped further unleash the team and reinforce its pressure on the opponent. The whole game of the Portuguese in this Euro, was similar to the leap that so dramatically and so the surprise of many carried the team directly to the finals.

France on the eve their fixture against Portugal

The French in the final proved to be quite expected: home the championship, very clear and effective scheme, and of course a great selection of players in almost every position on the field. Although at the beginning it was not so rosy and positive: in the first matches are absolutely not leaders "Blue" came into play, so still and the ball in the opponents categorically did not want to fly. It was very thin and on the first two games in the championship stood out enough validolnaya and nervous. But after Deschamps team produced two wins on the 90+ minute, the game gradually began to take its original color, which no one else dropped out of the game. The team began to gain momentum, and in the playoffs, it was already a well-coordinated team and spent that great sharpened by the counter-play. In this aspect, the team reveals the best, where there is much to be dispersed so guys like Payet and Grizman.

In the match against Germany at the "Tri" came to get the result is also due to its emphasis on counter-play. By and large, it was a forced measure, because the Germans were very nice tournament hosts pressed to his half of the field. Control of the ball in the German national team was at the highest level, and most of the time of the first half they were confident in the French half of the field team. Frankly it was hard at the beginning of the French, but they had their episodes, and at the slightest madness opposing team immediately tried to shoot his counterattack. One of these attacks and led to a corner, after which Schweinsteiger played a hand in his own penalty area. It was no longer the first half injury time, and such a gift before going into the locker room the French realized very confident. It was a turning point, after which went to a completely different football, where the Germans had to be disclosed, and take more risks in the field, which ultimately led to the error, which brought the second goal Neuer. The French felt that space in the second half and began to run with redoubled zeal, constantly breaking into the gaps between the lines formed by the opponent, who until recently did not believe in the reality of their loss.

There is also not without the individual crown, behind which was the whole team. After a lackluster start, Antoine Grizman is more than compensated for it all at the stage of the playoffs. All of the major goals of his team, and thanks to the return of "The Little Prince" at their level, such as the hope for Payet disappeared by itself. Dimitri now with pleasure gives the palm to his partner, who chop has 7 goals in the championship, leaving all his pursuers far behind. This game can not be checked, and slowly begin to erupt already rumors that Antoine found its way into the top 4 contenders for the "Golden Ball".

Portugal vs. France fixture: Prediction and Match Preview

Of course, we will have a grand game, but considering the style that professes each of the teams, hardly grow into this grand spectacle. The Portuguese love slowly gaining pace, and if the opponent is really very annoying, it does not shrink and concentrate on the complete safety of their colleagues, with subsequent transition to over-time and penalties. The Portuguese has twice played overtime minutes, so in that sense nothing new is not for them, and this option because they are more than satisfied.

But the French fans to play on the counterattack, but, as we have seen, such an option is implemented will be very, very difficult. You can play for example the Poles, but also a quick spurt may turn severe consequences in the form of cost overruns of personal resources and subsequent problems in the recovery of his game rhythm. It is increasingly adventurous and match with Iceland should not all be misleading, because in that match, roughly speaking, the French simply implemented all what could not make their predecessors. Defence Iceland itself was not at this tournament, but in Portuguese it is. Therefore, even with the support of native stands, the French can hardly go to such a desperate step. No, of course it will attack, and the initial dominance of course is for them, but to handle the scope of comfort, they still will not. All sharpness will come mainly from the standards which, in our opinion, does not promise us a very large, and especially mutual exchange in goals.

Our Betting Tip:
Total Goals Under 2.5 @ 1.61 (3/5)

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