France vs. Sweden. Predictions & Tips 11/11/2016
France vs. Sweden Match Preview: In group A in the fourth round of qualifying for the very interesting fight will take place in 2018, in which the leader of the group of the French team at home will host the national team of Sweden, which is in second place in the..
England vs. Scotland 11/11/2016 Predictions & Match Preview
England vs. Scotland Match Preview: The fourth round of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup Group F will give British football fans derby England at home will take Scotland. Naturally, at this point the British position look much more presentable and stronger than the..
San Marino vs Germany. Predictions & Tips 11/11/2016
San Marino vs. Germany Match Preview: German national team this coming Friday will make a trip to San Marino. Joachim Loew's wards will play with the local team in the fourth round of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup. It is clear that the favorite of the match is the..
Czech Republic vs Norway. Predictions & Tips 11/11/2016
Czech Republic vs. Norway Match Preview: Czech Republic national team in the fourth round of qualifications for the future will mundialyu Norway on its field. Today, both teams are located at the bottom of the standings, and therefore need a victory as the one and the..
Romania vs. Poland 11/11/2016 Predictions & Match Preview
Romania vs. Poland Match Preview: An interesting confrontation between two strong European nation teams, one of which marks the ranks of the international football giants. Naturally, these are Poland team, which has grown strong generation of players, capable of..
Denmark vs. Kazakhstan 11/11/2016 Predictions & Match Preview
Denmark vs. Kazakhstan Match Preview: Denmark and Kazakhstan started like true underdogs in the qualifying, and failure in this match almost put an end to the chances of these teams play at the World Championship in Russia. Therefore, in this confrontation we see two..
2018 WC Qualifying: Brazil vs. Argentina Predictions & Match Preview 11/11/2016
Brazil vs. Argentina Match Preview: The eleventh round of qualifying for the World Cup 2018 in South American region will give football fans several very interesting fights. Well, the central match will take place in Brazil, where the local team will take its eternal,..
Paraguay vs. Peru Predictions & Match Preview 11/11/2016
Paraguay vs. Peru Match Preview: Paraguay national team will take the team of Peru at own soil as part of the eleventh round of qualifications for the future mundial in the Americas region. It should be said that both teams are not considered as favourites to get into..
2018 WC Qualifier: Uruguay vs. Ecuador Predictions & Match Preview 11/11/2016
Uruguay vs. Ecuador Match Preview: As part of the eleventh round of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup in the Latin American zone of Uruguay national team will take Ecuador on its field. The fight is expected with great interest, because between them will play the..
2018 WC Qualifying: Colombia vs. Chile Predictions & Match Preview 10/11/2016
Colombia vs. Chile Match Preview: Meanwhile in the Old World and in Asia teams play friendly matches, in Latin America there are playing matches of the qualifying stage for the 2018 World Cup. In particular, on Thursday, November tenth one will be played a match in..
Slovenia vs. England: Prediction, Match Preview 11/10/2016
Slovenia vs. England Match Preview: As a match of the third qualifying round for the 2018 World Cup Predictions England will travel for a visit to the Slovenia team. Both teams produced three points, but the Slovenes had a much more difficult game, because they fought..
Germany vs. Northern Ireland: Match preview, Predictions & Match Preview 11/10/2016
Germany vs. Northern Ireland Match Preview: Within the third round of the qualifying tournament for the 2018 World Cup Match Preview and Predictions, Germany's national team, being the reigning champion of the world, take on very nice opponent - the team of Northern..
Netherlands vs. France. World Cup Qualifier: Prediction, Match Preview 10/10/2016
Netherlands vs. France Match Preview: Here there is one scheduled game from 2018 World Cup Predictions. The Netherlands team is getting out of the crisis period, it was seen by the football quality and ending result of the fixture displayed by the Oranges against..
Sweden vs. Bulgaria. World Cup Qualifier: Prediction, Match Preview 10/10/2016
Sweden vs. Bulgaria Match Preview: Monday will not be rich in interesting matches. Yes, it's a mega-game Netherlands - France coming as the match of the day, however in other occasions the elite of European football will be playing against newcomers and outsiders. And..
Albania vs. Spain. World Cup Qualifier: Prediction, Match Preview 09/10/2016
Albania vs. Spain Match Preview: This is one of the preferred games of ours in the 2018 World Cup Predictions. Spain national team are travelling to visit Albania this weekend. Bookmakers are pretty sure about the Iberians win, what is hard to dispute, though...