What Is GG And Over 2.5 Betting? (BTTS & Over 2.5 Prediction)

Mixed markets betting, also called combined market betting, is the new betting strategy that several bettors have adopted to increase their winning potentials. This new betting style involves predicting more than one event in a football match. However, the markets should be complementary. You cannot predict over 2.5 goals and under 2.5 goals because it cannot happen in a singular game.

GG (BTTS) and Over 2.5 Betting - The Meaning

It is a mixed goal betting market. In a GG and Over 2.5 betting market, the game must see three or more goals in normal time. However, three or more goals is not enough to win you money because apart from the goals, both teams must score at least one goal for you to win.

When Tottenham played Crystal Palace in the Premier League, Tottenham edged Crystal Palace 4-1.
It was almost sure that Tottenham were going to win the game because they were favourites. The Tottenham win odds were 1.50 and total goals over 2.5 goals was 1.65.

Why GG & Over 2.5 goals was a better alternative to Home Win or Over 2.5 bets

Even though the singular odds for both over 2.5 and gg were fair, strategic betting requires that you exploit each game's potential to realise the profits.

In the Tottenham vs Crystal palace game, everyone knew that Tottenham were going to win. Bettors who bet just to win won their wagers. But why settle for less when there is a chance of winning more?

We all know how Crystal Palace is good at scoring goals and pulling surprises. With players like Zaha in their squad, Palace always scores goals and are fond of pulling surprises.

For such games, going for direct wins can be risky. A GG and Over 2.5 bet is safer and more profitable alternative. With a 4-1 final score, your bet wins because the game saw more than three goals, and both teams scored at least one goal. These mixed betting markets had 2.5 odds which is more than both the over 2.5 and home win odds.

Why you should adopt GG and Over 2.5 betting

It does no rely on the team that wins the game

Predicting the team to win a football match is a tricky affair. There are factors like weather, bookings and the number of fans that can affect the outcome of the game. With gg and over 2.5 betting, the outcome does not affect the wining prospects. This makes it a safer alternative to three-way betting.

It has high odds

GG and Over 2.5 betting is very lucrative because it has high odd. If you predict three such bets, the cumulative odds will definitely be very high. This increases your possible win, which simultaneously increases profits.

Easy to understand and predict

This betting market is straightforward to understand thus can be used by beginners. Moreover, it is very easy to predict because it does not involve predicting the outcome of the game. When a game sees more than three goals, the chances that both teams scores are very high, you should try it out. Trust me, you will love it.
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