Who will win the 2020/2021 Italy Serie A Season?

Serie A is a competitive and professional league in Italy that started in 1929. UEFA ranks this Italian top tie league as the third biggest league in the world behind Laliga and the premier league. 

The 2020/20221 season is very unpredictable and gets more complex by the day. The league is very tight, and losing a single game can take a team four positions back. Juventus are the current champions, but who will win the 2020/2021 Serie A season? Here are four favourite teams bettors should watch. 

Here is how the Serie A table looks like as of 3/21/2020

Inter Milan

The 18-time champions last won the Serie A in the 2009/2010 season, and this might be their season to get back to winning ways. The Rossoneri's currently sits on top of the table with 65 points, having won 20 games, drawn 5 and lost 2. They are 9 points clear of the second-placed Milan rivals AC and 10 points off the current champions. 

Antonio Conte's team is an excellent team, and the addition of quality players like Alexis Sanchez, Eriksen, Lukaku and Ashley young in the last transfer window have born fruits. If inter maintains its form, they are certainly a team to beat this season. 

AC Milan

The rivalry for bragging rights in Milan is getting hotter by day because even though Inter are on top of the table, AC is second on the table, nine points behind the league leaders. It has a very solid team with players like Ibrahimovic, who is having a great season in Serie A. AC has had some defensive issues because they concede very cheap goals, but with 56 points, they are fully in the race to win the Serie A. 


When anybody talks of Serie A, what comes to a gambler's mind is Juventus because they are the undisputed kings of Italy, having won a record 35 Serie titles and emerged runners up 21 times. The reigning champions have had a shaky first half of the season, but as we all know, you should never count Juventus out. It has spent a lot of money in the transfer window for the past three years, and beating them will be very difficult.
It has an excellent squad, and the Serie is top of Andrea Pirlo's men. Since the signing of Ronaldo, he has been scoring flawlessly, and his goals are always precious. The potential in this team makes it worth banking your money on the black and whites. 


Atalanta is another great Italian team which has had excellent two seasons in the Italian Serie A. It is undoubtedly among the teams with the best striking force in Europe, and this has played a crucial role in their previous successes. 

 Moreover, Atalanta has a very good coach and a youthful team making them very difficult to beat. Even though they are 13 points behind the league leaders, they are very lethal and stand a good chance of winning the league. 


The 2020/2021 Serie A season is very tight, and the top five teams currently are separated by very few points. Going by the current table, inter stand a better chance of winning the league if they focus on one game at a time. However, Juventus and AC Milan are still very much in the race. 

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