Why Home Team Advantage Is Important in Football Betting

It is no secret that home advantage affects football results to a large extent. Most football teams perform better at home than they do when playing away or on neutral ground. Compared to any sport, football.

Here is a statistical snapshot of the 2016/17 English Premier League season:

  • 49.2% of games won by home teams
  • 28.7% of games won by away teams 
  • 22.1% of games ended in a draw

In terms of goals, 607 goals were scored at home compared to 457 scored away. Although the above statistics are a replica of the English Premier League, the same trend is witnessed across all leagues worldwide.

Home teams' advantage is even bigger on the international football stage. Between 1993 and 2004, home sides won 50.5 of the games played while the away teams won 24.5% and 25% ending in a draw. 

Factors That Influence Home Advantage 

The home advantage in football does not happen by chance; several factors make home teams edge over the away team. Some of these factors include:

The Fans 

The crown certainly plays a crucial role in influencing the outcome or the final result in football—such as crown density, the intensity of fans, and the proximity of fans to the pitch. Liverpool FC Club and Borussia Dortmund are known to have some of the most passionate football fans, and most teams find it challenging to pick points from the two stadiums. 


Naturally, travelling is tiresome, and any team that will travel long distances will find it difficult to cope with the home team. When placing your bet, always check the distance between the two teams; a team that travels far is likely to lose or pick a draw from the game. 

Environmental Conditions 

Playing away means playing in an environment that the body is not used to, so players will struggle to cope with the home team. Most teams in Europe find it difficult to pick points in Russia because of the extremely cold weather, and therefore it is advisable to bet on the home team to win or draw on such extreme weather conditions. 

Conceding Goals 

Some teams are a hard nut to crack in front of their home fans. When betting on such teams, you should bet on such teams to win to nil to win big. Alternatively, you can bet on the away team to score less than 1.5 goals.

Other teams tend always conceding a goal or two when playing away. When betting for such teams, you can choose to bet on the game to end at over 2.5 goals or gg, depending on where you feel your bet is most secure.

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Home advantage is a factor any serious gambler should not neglect when placing their bets. Whether or not a team is playing in their local league or an international game, the home team will always have some advantage over the visiting team. The only exception is when the visiting team is too strong or of a different class than the home team; otherwise, the home team will always have an advantage.
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