The Best Games For Half Time/Full-Time (HT-FT) Betting

Halftime fulltime betting is a profitable but tricky betting market. Even though it is profitable, winning Half Time/Full Time bets has proven challenging to most bettors. The biggest contributing factor to losing bets in this betting market is poor decision making when choosing the games to bet. 

But which are the most appropriate games for halftime fulltime betting? Look no further! Read through to get an expert's perspective on the games you should place Half Time/Full Time bets on. 

When Top Meets Bottom'

The fight between the top and bottom team is always exciting because the same team wants to win. The top teams' priority is extending the gap between them and the opponents, and the only way to do it is bagging the three points. On the other hand, the struggling teams' priority is escaping relegation, and a win will serve them more than the leading team. 

However, for bettors, such games are bankers since these meetings are workovers for the in-form teams. Placing a Half Time/Full-Time bet is a sage idea since it not only has high odds, but the chances of winning the bet are very high. 

When Teams Europe' stop 5 Leagues Play Smaller Teams In European Competitions

The champion's league and the Europa League are some of the world's two most famous tournaments. Through it, the Europeans top teams are brought together; however, the reality is that these teams are not equal in terms of strength and even financial power. The English, Spanish, French, Italian and even the Dutch teams are too strong for the other European teams, and therefore wise bettors need to find a way of making the most out of these competitions. 

One way of making the most out of this competition is placing your bet on the top 5 European teams to win both halves of the game. There is no doubt that a team like Bayern Munich will win both halves when playing Molde FC. 

When a Strong Team Lost Away In A Knockout Competition

Apart from the finals, all other games in the champions league and the Europa league are two-legged. If a clear favourite loses by a goal or two away, they will likely come back and win both the second leg game's halves. A perfect example is when Barcelona lost to Arsenal in a quarterfinal game at the Emirates stadium by two goals to 1. 
Barcelona went on to win by three goals to 1 at the Camp Nou Stadium to move to the next level. Barcelona won 1:0 in the First Half, and the final score was 3:1. 

When A-Team Must Win By a Given Margin

There are football cases where a team must win by a given margin to take home the league. A good example is when Manchester United and Manchester City were tied in points, and the separating factor became goals. In the last three games, both teams won by a big margin to close the gap in the number of goals between them. 

Take advantage of such games and bet on a team that must win by many goals to win both game halves. 


The Half Time/Full-Time market is a good market that bettors can win big. Compared to the Full-Time win, this market is more lucrative and is something anyone looking to win big should look into. 
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