What Is Winning From Behind? When to Place And Its Strategies

Bettors utilize this market to make money. Win from behind betting requires you to predict a team that is trailing to come back and win the game by the end of 90 minutes. This betting variant does not include extra in a game that requires a definite winner. For example, Arsenal and Tottenham's competitor takes the lead in the 80th minute, and then Arsenal scores two goals to win the match. If you placed a win from behind bet on Arsenal, you would win the bet.

Some betting sites refer to a Win From Behind as Come from Behind and Win bet; be careful not to get confused by these terms.

Win From Behind Betting Tips

Win from behind bets ranks as one of the most interesting markets among gamblers mainly because of extremely high odds. Before placing this type of bet, you must perform your due diligence; otherwise, the team you placed to win may concede more goals making your bet hard to win.

Naturally, some teams have a history of returning and winning matches even after conceding a couple of goals. Teams like Bayern Munich, Liverpool, and Manchester are examples of teams you should pick to come back and win after conceding 1 or 2 goals.
In the above scenario, Bayern comes from two goals down to win 5:2 against Mainz 05.

Two of the most important things to look for in a section with the possibility of coming back are mental strength and experience. 

When the weaker team scores the first goal, the stronger team is coming back and winning the game. Well, you should be careful since the stronger team could go on to concede more goals instead of winning the match.

Why You Should Bet On Coming From Behind To Win

The most significant advantage of placing your bet on this market is the high odds that come with it. For example, in a recently played game where Leicester won by 3 goals to 1 against Liverpool, in this game, Liverpool scored first and Leicester to win an odd shot to 40.

Under extraordinary circumstances, the weaker team could come back and win against a much stronger team. If the team stronger team is handed a red card or their best player gets injured. A Win from Behind is more or less a 'Nothing to Lose' type of bet.

Some of the most famous football comebacks include Manchester United Vs. Bayern Munich, 1999, Champions League Finals, Tottenham Vs. Manchester United 2001/01 EPL game, Wolves vs. Leicester City 2002/2003 EPL game, mentions just a few.


Although this market might look complicated on paper as you require a trailing team to score more than two goals, it is a possible market. The best part about this market is it comes with high odds, so you will expect to win big. To win, you should choose your games carefully and avoid betting on more than one game as you could end up winning one game and losing the other.
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