Own Goal Betting: All You Need To Know About Own Goal Markets

Football betting has several markets, most of which are widely used and straightforward to understand. Markets such as over/under 2.5 are choruses, but when it comes to big competitions and leagues like the champions league, bookmarkers introduce newer betting markets in a bid to win bettors to their sites. Such games can have over 300 independent markets. One such market is own goal betting. Even though own goal betting is not very popular, it is straight forward.

What is own goal betting

In a football match, goals come in all forms. It can either be headers arising from free play or setpieces, strong shorts from within box or outside, penalties, or even freekicks. It is a joy to score in a football match, and as normalcy dictates, goals are followed by wild celebrations.  However, when a player puts the ball past his own keeper, it called an own goal. 

Own goals are rare and demoralizing to the guilty footballer. Such goals are rare, but they do happen.  
Above are the 2020/2021 own goal statistics in the Premier League. There have been 30+ own goals in 23 English premier league matchdays, and it is obvious that the numbers will rise.  Thankfully, they are not very common and accounts for less than 1% of the total goal scored so far this season. 

Own goals know no player since even Pierre-Emerick Aubamayang, prolific arsenals striker, who is arguable one of the best strikers worldwide, has also fallen victim to own goals. 

How marketable and profitable is own goal betting?

Own goal betting is a less popular football market that is rare. I can confidently say it is special because if Reading is playing Chalthone athletic, you CANNOT find own goals betting market. It is a high calibre betting market that often has very high odds because it is a rare occurrence. 
Even though it is a rare market, own goal betting is very profitable, and it is often over 10 odds.

Do own goals affect the outcome of a football match?

Own goals are goals just like other goals and can change the outcome of the game. If Chelsea is playing Brighton, for instance, and Rudiger, a Chelsea defender scores an own goal at the 90th minute, his team automatically loses the game.  This is the harsh reality that football fans have failed to come to terms with, especially in the premier league

Do own goals matter in a BTTS bet?

Yes, own goals are goals, just like any other goal resulting from open play. For instance, say Bayern Munchen is playing against Dortmund, and the Bayern are 2:0 up, and you have placed both teams to score bet, any goal conceded by Bayern Munchen would win you money. Even if Nuer accidentally scores, your wager stands. 

When to place own goals bet

Just like all other football betting markets, own goal betting is entirely dependent on statistical analysis. However, the strategy is equally important since predicting own goals is a challenging task that requires patience and assertiveness. The most suitable games for own goal betting are:
  • Games between teams playing an attacking game
  • When big teams face small teams with weak defences
  • Derbies and rivalry matches

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