Why Is Football Betting Common in Africa?

Sports betting has been an everyday human activity since ancient times. It is evident from ancient Roman sports betting on gladiator fights to state-run lotteries in Ancient China. Africans have also participated in sports betting and lotteries for thousands of years.

Nevertheless, coordinated governmental involvement has only occurred since the middle of the 20th century.

There are online sports betting sites that admit many users who are actively involved in sports betting. Football betting has shown great potential to transform the continental economy, and as a result, it is growing steadily.

Factors behind the Growth of the football betting industry

The Majority of Africans Are Youthful 

In Africa, there are approximately 200 million people between the ages of 18 and 24. Compared to older population segments, these youthful people have excellent access to smartphones and, subsequently, sportsbooks.

Besides, young and unemployed Africans make up the bulk of the target market for sports betting in Africa. Football betting acts as a source of income for them. 

The African love for sports

 Africans love sorts as they can increase peace amongst neighbouring peoples and countries. You will continuously find Africans flocked in local bars and hotels following the games keenly. Leagues such as the European Premier League also present them with opportunities to place bets on various games.

Football betting has a high potential for addiction.

Like all gambling activities, football betting can get addictive. What makes football betting addictive is its value proposition. People are fascinated by the idea that it costs you almost nothing, but you can win a lot of money.

It has been seen all across the continent that people have been able to win up to $500 with as little as $1. This possibility of higher returns lures millions of Africans, including the poor, to 'invest' in sports betting.

 No stringent sport betting laws in Africa

In numerous countries, legislators have made betting laws and enforced stringent measures to discourage gambling. As a result, sports betting companies in the US and European markets branch into emerging markets like Africa, where most betting laws are relatively less stringent.

A laxative regulatory environment provides an attractive incentive for both local and international betting companies to enter the African market.

Increase in Digital Literacy & Mobile Phone Penetration among Africans

The football betting industry in Africa has been one of the greatest beneficiaries of technology advancement. One of the reasons football betting is common in Africa is the increase in smartphone penetration levels. As a result, many Africans can now place bets from their homes' comfort via mobile phones.

Besides, there has been an emerging trend where sports betting companies in Africa collaborate with major mobile phone operators to link their betting products with mobile money services.

Sport betting companies give Unlimited Betting Options to their clients to choose from. Aside from that, the companies allow people to follow the football leagues from different continents anytime, including late in the night.
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Article Added: 25 Feb 2021, 13:01 pm GMT

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