When To Place Anytime Goalscorer Bets

Apart from the popular betting markets like over/under and predicting direct Wins, anytime goalscorer remains one of the most profitable betting markets. Anytime goalscorer has lower odds than betting on first or last goal scorer but is safer.

What is anytime goalscorer betting?

Placing an anytime goalscorer bet is predicting the player to score at least one goal in a football match. The minute or half the player scores does not matter in this betting market. For instance, if Barcelona is playing Sevilla in a Laliga fixture, you can bank on Lionel Messi to score. Who doesn't know that he always net goals in nearly every game?

The goal must be scored within 90 minutes or added time. 

When should I place anytime goals scorer bets?

Anytime goalscorer betting is a tactical bet since any wrong move can result in losses. You must therefore be very careful. If you want to predict the players to score in premier league fixtures, it would help if you take the following factors into consideration;

Read the team news

Anytime goalscorer bets should not be rushed but instead appropriately researched. If you go picking players to score randomly, you can be surprised t find out that some of them are injured or suspended. The CORONA virus outbreak has complicated the matter further since a player can be fit but contract the virus a day before the game and consequentially miss the match. 

Check who makes the lineup

Placing anytime goalscorer bets after checking the lineup is a very wise idea since you will only pick the first team players. Checking the lineup before placing the bet improves your chances of winning since players who make the starting 11, especially predicting forward players to score. 
What to consider when placing anytime goals scorer bets

Top scorer chats

It is obvious that every bettor must check who scores often before placing any time goalscorer bet. in the German Bundesliga, for instance, Bayern Munchen Robert Lewandoski and Borussia Dortmund's Earling Haaland are goal-scoring machines who rarely go for more than a game without scoring. 
In the 2020/2021 season, Robert Lewandowski has scored 26 goals in 21 matches. This means he scores at least one goal in every game. with a conversion ratio of one goal per game, he is a money minter for anytime goalscorer bets. 

Set piece heroes

Players who are good at taking set-pieces have very high chances of scoring goals in any football match. In the 2019/2020 season, Marco Alonso, Chelsea's left-back, had a conversion rate of one goal in every five games. Most of these goals came from set-pieces. 

Who takes penalties?

Penalty heroes are also an important considerations when placing anytime goal scorer bets. Manchester United's Bruno Fernandez has s cored 6 penalties in 23 premier league fixtures. This equals I penalty every four games. Considering that he is also good in set pieces and tap-ins, he is a player that you can bank on to score goals. 
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