How Often Do Football Teams Win To Nil?

Win To Nil BettingThe success of football teams around the world is attributed to the solidity of their defense. In super Fergy's reign as the Manchester United coach, for instance, united were almost unbeatable. They were very dominant season after another, and scoring against them was hard. The backline was properly constituted with legends like Nemanja Vidic. It is not surprising that he won 28 trophies, 13 of them being premier league titles.

What is winning to nil?

Placing a win to nil bet is predicting the team that wins a football fixture without conceding a goal. However, the winning team's number of goals does not matter so long as they win without conceding.

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If Leicester is playing Liverpool in the EPL season, Liverpool has the upper hand considering the quality of players in the team; hence the hiked home team to win to nil odds.
Here is the win to nil odds for Leicester vs. Liverpool match.

Home Team Win To Nil YES - 6.38 odds

Home team winning to nil is a very unlikely bet, but if your analysis leads you to this option, trust your instinct and wait for the results. To win your home team win to nil wager, Leicester must beat Liverpool and not concede any goal. Expected results that can win you cash in this prediction are 1:0, 2:0, 4:0, and 10:0.

Home Team Win To Nil NO - 1.12 odds

It is the opposite of home team winning to nil. The distinctive difference is that it is not as restrictive as the home team win to the nil market. In this market, if the home team wins but concedes a goal, you win. Moreover, the home team can draw or lose but concede, and your wager wins.

How often do teams win to nil?

The English premier league and championship are high scoring leagues. Nevertheless, this is not always the case since some games end with barren draws or teams winning to nil. From 2015 to 2020, the total percentage of 1:0 wins 17.6%. Considering that in the same period, other win to nil scores (2:0, 3:0, 4:0, and 5+:00) was 20.9% of the total score lines.

Betting is mathematical, and figures do not lie. Bettors who placed win to nil bets between 2015 and 2020 in the Premier League and Championship had a cumulative winning probability of 38.5%. It is a high winning percentage considering the amount of odds this betting market has. As you have seen in the table, the number of games ending with a win to nil score decreases with the increase in the number of goals.

Are away teams or home teams more likely to win to nil?

Since the 2015/2016 season in both the EPL and Championship season, more home teams record win to nil scores. In England and most of the leagues in Europe, home advantage plays a huge role in a team's success. Football teams have the highest number of fans living within their home grounds, and they come out in masses to support the team.

These football teams give it their best to reward the fans and thus the more win to nil home victories.
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