Easy Soccer Bets That Every Bettor Can Win

There are hundreds of betting markets that you can choose from when betting. Before settling on your choice market, it is vital to understand what the betting market means and the expected winning score. Risk in every betting market varies with the most complex markets, like correct score having the highest odds.

Read through for the most straightforward bets that every bettor can win.

Over 1.5 Goals

An over 1.5 goals bet is one of the safest football predictions. For instance, in every match week, an average of 7 out of 10 games see more than two goals scored in the premier league. The average odds for this betting market is 1.23. Bettors often ignore it thinking it is too little to earn those profits. This is a lie because, with four such predictions, you get a cumulative odd, which is more than 2. With the minimal risk in over 1.5 betting market, you can stake very high.

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Both Teams To Score

Both team teams to score prediction is a simple bet that only requires each team to score at least one goal. This betting market is not dependent on the final score. Whether a game ends with a full-time score of 1:1, 3:1, 4:4, or even 1:10, you win stands. Both teams to score requires very little analysis; therefore, it is suitable for newbies and bettors who are not football fans but only place bets to make money. This betting market is one of the most popular markets that is widely used worldwide.

Double Chance Betting

This market is dependent on the outcome of the game. Unlike the three-way betting market, where your chances of winning are 33.3%, the double chance increases the possibility of winning to 66.6%. If Ajax is playing against PSV Eindhoven and you place a double chance 1 or draw bet if Ajax wins the game, or the game ends as a draw, you win. You will lose the bet if PSV Eindhoven wins the game.

Apart from win or draw, you can also predict a home win or away team to win. To win, either Ajax or PSV should win the game. 

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Draw No Bet

A draw no bet prediction is similar to double chance, but it has a bigger odd. If Aston villa is laying Arsenal, placing an Aston villa win draw no bet means to win the bet it must win the game. However, if the game ends as a draw, you will not win your bet, but the stake will be refunded to your account. The risk of losing the bet is 33.3%, just like in a double chance bet.

Draw No Bet betting market is suitable for games that you are almost certain with the outcome, but you want to minimize risk.

Over 5.5 Corners

In an over 5.5 prediction, the corners scored must be 6 or more. Even though this betting market has small odds, you stand very minimal chances of losing. Over 5.5 corner betting requires no analysis because it is way too common, but NOT sure.
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