Why English Premier League Games Are Very Difficult To Predict

Football is the most popular sport with billions of fans worldwide. Over the weekend, fans dedicate their time to watch their favorite teams play. The European leagues are the most-watched football leagues worldwide, with the Premier League boasting of the highest viewership. But why is this? EPL has a vibrant history, and the excellent government policies have made it the most developed league with good stadiums and talented players.

However, this league's unpredictable nature is a puzzle that has left pundits with more questions than answers. Read through to understand what makes the EPL very unpredictable to bet but enjoyable to watch.

Very talented players

In England, FA, the football governing body, laid out a plan to ensure that talent is natured from an early stage. Each team has a youth wing, which feeds the first team with fresh talents every season. Even though the top four teams: Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool, are established, and the talents from academies of the smaller teams have kept them going.

The competition is stiff

The premier league is one of the most physical leagues in the world. To win, players must be very fit physically and mentally. A slight slip in the EPL can result in relegation. This has made the league very competitive and unpredictable. Who knew that Leicester, one of the smallest teams in the premier league, could ever win the league? They won the 2015/2016 season.

Teams are properly funded

English Premier League generates millions of dollars through the sale of TV rights and tickets. Each team receives a good amount of cash as a reward depending on the league position. This has encouraged healthy competition as teams struggle to finish the league at the top ten positions to earn more money.

Each team has a rich history with loyal fans

Every team in the Premier League has a rich history that must be protected by winning games. Moreover, the teams enjoy overwhelming support from the loyal fans who brave harsh weather conditions to cheer the team in good and bad times.

To reward their supporters, the teams always give their best to win. In the 2021/2022 season, Manchester United was in very good form and boasted  of 10 straight EPL games without a loss. It sounds weird, but this unbeaten run ended when they lost 1-2 to Sheffield United, who were the last team in the league.

Good refereeing

EPL referees are very well trained to officiate matches properly. This brings about fairness to the game, and effort is rewarded to the most hardworking team. Recently, VAR was introduced to help the referees make wiser decisions during the game.

Incidences that players or coaches feel were not adequately attended to by the referee can now be further scrutinized with VAR. This has made the league very unpredictable in a fair way because even the slightest mistakes are punishable.


Despite the English premier league's unpredictable nature, it remains one of the best leagues to bank your money on. All you should do is analyze the games correctly and make wise choices.
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