Why Over 2.5 Goals Is Better Than Both Teams To Score

COVID 19 pandemic affected all sectors worldwide, and sporting activities came to a standstill. Even though it sounded harsh to players, bettors, and other stakeholders in the game, this spirited effort to suppress the virus was inevitable. Thankfully, the positivity rate curve is gradually flattening, and things are slowly getting back to normal.

For football teams, especially in the big leagues, the reality that fans were not to be allowed into the stadium was a big hit. This has made the games very unpredictable, and placing a three-way bet is increasingly becoming hard. The better option is predicting the number of goals and both teams to score.

Why goals betting is better than three-way bet

Football is a game of chances, and the team that uses its chances very well always wins the game. The “Big Boys” mentality plays a crucial role in predicting the possible final result of the games. However, the past few years ha proven that it is not always the case because underdogs have become a hard nut to crack. For instance, in the French league 1, Monaco had an excellent season in the 2017/2018 season. They were the league leaders in the middle of the season, and Paris Saint Germain defeated them at the end of the season. 

Despite the positive results, the next season proved challenging, and they survived a relegation scare by a tiny margin.

Bettors who do not analyze football matches properly faced it rough because Monaco was losing game after another.

However, the informed ones who bet on goals had a good time because, in that season, a majority of Monaco fixtures saw a rain of goals, and an Over 2.5 or BTTS was always a sure bet.

Why Over 2.5 goals is better than BTTS

With the unpredictable nature of football, betting on goals is currently the most famous betting market widely used, and statistics have proven it right. Regardless of the safety that comes with betting on goals, the strategies on the goals betting markets you choose determine a winning bet and a losing bet.

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Over 2.5 and Both Teams To Score have almost similar odds, but Over 2.5 Goals prediction is safer of the two markets. Let’s be real! The only result that can end with a both teams to score result without a core of over 2.5 goals is a 1:1 score. How many football matches in a Premier League matchday ends with a 1:1 Score?

The above Premier League fixtures played on the 26th of January 2021 ended with an over 2.5 score. Despite all ending with more than three goals, the last fixture between West Bromwich Albion and Manchester City ended with a 0:5 score. Bettors who placed an over 2.5 bet celebrated a win, but those who chose a BTTS score had a bad day. Winning is an art that is solely dependent on strategy, and such simple choices have a significant implications in the gambling world. Please choose wisely!

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