What Is Handicap Betting - Know The Advantages

asian handicap betting in useThe handicap betting market is one of the most underused forms of betting, and the reason is that gamblers do not understand what it means. It is a form of betting used to contest a perceived strength differential between two teams. Some betting companies refer to Handicapped betting as 'point betting' or 'line betting.' Ordinarily,  betting sites give a virtual advantage to the weaker team and a virtual disadvantage to the stronger team. What happens is that if you place your bet on a weaker team, they will have the edge over the stronger team, and chances would be even.

Handicaps appear in brackets after a team's name; for instance, you are betting a match between Leicester and Arsenal. If the bookmarker declared handicapped 1.5, then results would appear as follows:

Leicester (-1.5) vs Arsenal (+1.5)

Arsenal is starting the match with a 1.5 goal advantage compared to their opponent.

This means that there isn't more than one goal but two, so there is no chance for a draw.
If you bet Leicester to win, they will need to score at least two goals for you to win the wager.
If you bet on Arsenal to win, they have to win, draw, win, and concede by one goal.

Asian Handicap Betting 

Asian handicap betting is mostly applied in Asia, and it involves handicaps whole and half numbers so that there is zero possibility of a draw. The difference between other handicap betting and Asia handicap betting is that there is a possibility of split handicaps. For example: 
Man City (-1, -1.5) vs Leeds United (+1, +1.5)

Here, Man City needs to win the match by two goals for you to win the market. If Man City wins by 1 goal, the whole number handicap gives the results as a draw. However, you stand to get a refund of your stake if you bet on Man City to win the match.

Handicapped Predictions Are Presented 

Although handicap betting might look complicated for first-time users, you will realize it is simple once you start utilizing these markets. From the game mentioned above, the handicap match betting is presented as follows:
  • Man City (-2) evens
  • Handicap Tie (-1) 3/1
  • Leeds United (+2) 2/1

If Manchester City win the match at one goal to nil and you bet on Man City to win, the home team will need to score as many goals as the handicap for you to win your bet payout.

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Why You Should Consider Handicap Betting 

Handicap betting is slowly rising in popularity, especially among the younger gamblers. Compared to other markets, handicap betting is fun as it considers the entire team's performance rather than one match outcome. Also, football handicap has higher placement in the betting scene.

«The best time to place handicap bets is when the match results or other preferable markets don't offer the real value»

With handicap betting, the chances are evened out no withstanding that one team had a ridiculous over the other. Before placing your money on handicap bets, ensure you fully understand what you are placing your money on.
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