Double Chance Betting: Win Big By Risking Less

1x x2 double chance betting predictionsDouble chance betting is a safer bet compared to primary three-way betting. It has very low odds, but the possibilities of losing your bet are very minimal. Unlike betting on a team to win, draw, or lose, you can pick two possible outcomes. It increases the chances of winning a football bet by 33.3%, but it does not mean you are assured of a win.

What are the strategies for placing a double chance bet?

The strongest teams often have an upper hand

Sporting activities offer a level playground for different teams to compete. Like natural selection, the weak are eliminated one after the other, and finally, the best team always wins. It is not a David’s and Goliaths story in the bible where the results do not meet expectations. A football game has winners, and banking on the strongest team to win or draw is a wise decision.

Even though there are upsets in football, like Ajax’s fairy tale 2019-2020 Champions League season, which eliminated Chelsea, always stick to a win or draw to the best team. Bigger teams have better players, coaches, and fans because of the financial muscle.

Stake High

Double chance bets have very small odds that you might need to chain multi-bet to realize a worthy win. With a higher number of games, your chances of winning the bet reduces. It is, therefore, better to pick a few double chance games and stake really high. The high stakes increase the number of potential winnings and reduce the risk that huge multi-bet possess.

Discipline is an art that has made many gamblers fail to win. With high stakes comes discipline since nobody can risk losing thousands of dollars because of greed. A game or two will are enough to win you a good amount of cash.

Rely On The Head-to-head Statistics

Placing a double chance bet looks like a straightforward choice but deserves the attention, time, and effort that complex bets receive. The best double chance football betting strategy is finding out the best teams with the highest possibilities of winning. This calls for proper research amend analysis of the head-to-head analysis. Consider the position in the league table, current form in home and away, and their head-to-head statistics.

The Advantages Of Double Chance Betting

  • It increases the chances of winning. A winning mentality is essential to gamblers because it instills a positive mentality;
  • Double chance betting reduces the pressure if betting on many games daily, which saves of money and time.

The Most Suitable Games for Double Chance Betting

The amount of odds determines the suitability of placing a double chance prediction on a football game. If a team has odds less than 1.5, you would instead leave it than risking your stake on very low odds. The chances of winning in such low-odd games are high, but a single loss means can be too big.

Draws are very common in big derbies like the Manchester derby, and placing a double chance bet boosts your winnings. Games with historical rivalries also very intensive, and a double chance bet can save the day.

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