English Football Betting: Where You Can Bet On Premier League

Why is English Football Betting Popular?

The Premier League is the top league in the English Football Leagues with 12 participants. It follows a point system with promotion and relegation of teams. The top two teams, in the end, compete for the Premier League title. With the right English football betting strategy, you can win big. All it takes for you to win on Betway, after all, is a little bit of luck, good sporting knowledge and an internet connection!

If you’re looking to bet online, look to place bets based on both statistics and your instincts. Football is a game of faith and nothing can be predicted for sure, few seconds are enough to change the game.

Placing bets in this situation is not simple but with some insights and tips, you can master the art of betting. Betting in the EPL is common and very popular among football fans and bookies, millions of bets are placed for every match.

First, let’s see some fields that bookmakers accept bets for.

Different Aspects to Place Bets

1. Winning Team
This one’s a bit obvious. You place the bets considering all odds and, in some cases, the gambler takes a leap of faith to bet on their favorite team. This can be the winning team for every match or the team that wins the league.

2. Top 4 Clubs
Bets are also taken for guessing the top 4 teams that remain in the end. Again, these can be based on facts or on instincts.

3. Last 4 Clubs
Same as the top 4 clubs, you can also guess who finishes in the last 4 positions to win. There are a good 20 teams out there, so the choice isn’t necessarily easy.

4. Top Goal Scorer
This is probably the toughest area to place a bet on, no one can say for sure who the top goal scorer will be. Football is interesting with a lot of twists and turns so this field remains a challenge.

5. Top Talent of the Season
With new players introduced every season, punters get winnings to speculate the best new talent before the announcement.

Place Your Bets

Bets can be placed using different bookies as well as using online bookmaker websites. The process is simplified, and the bookies cut a certain percent from your bet and winnings are generated automatically (If there are any). Currently, Betway is the newest addition to the betting community which allows members to place safe bets against all odds.

Top Contenders this Season

English Premier League is dominated by six teams; Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur FC, and Chelsea FC. These are the teams to watch out for this season especially Manchester United. With Pogba and Aguero in their possession, this team seems to be unbeatable this season and can take home the Premier League trophy.

Sergio Aguero, Eden Hazard, Mohamad Salah, Harry Kane, and Sadio Mane are currently in the running for the Golden Boot.  Now that you know about the top players, whom are you rooting for?
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