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Betting on Draws Strategy

I first bet on machines in shops, and then from home on the internet.
Wherever I was, I watched people betting; I endlessly discussed betting strategies with my friends and then tried them out later.
I noticed that many accumulator bets were lost by betting on a favourite when the game ended in a draw.

Betting on Draws Strategy
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So why not bet on a draw for a change? No sooner said than done.

But of course I had to have a system bet, e.g. 6 out of 8 ... That was a narrow miss. So less, e.g. 4 out of 8, and only for selected draw candidates.

Of course the single ticket price needs to be relatively high for this approach. Using a total bet of £35 as an example, that makes £0.50 per ticket for 70 individual bets.

With a bet of £35 and 4 out of 8 at x=3.20 (3.20 as the average overall odds) you get your total bet back (small winnings) if you get 4 right
Approximately £230 of winnings if you get 5 right
Approximately £750 of winnings if you get 6 right
Approximately £1,800 of winnings if you get 7 right
Approximately £3,600 of winnings for 8 out of 8
[However, getting 8 right is extremely unlikely :-)]

Some of you may think that it would be very difficult to get this right, but believe me: those who play this way - with a certain amount of instinct of course - do very well using this system. E.g. last match day (16/17 september 2006):
Premiership 4 draws
Championship 4 draws
League One 4 draws
And there are match days that look even better :-)

Out of these, at least 6 games were more or less predictable. Although it has been said many times before, pay attention to derbies, strong teams with a double burden due to a cup, etc. And take advantage of any source that provides information about the teams.

Have fun, and the best of luck betting.

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