Stoke City vs. Sunderland: Prediction, Betting tips 15/10/2016

Stoke City vs Sunderland

Stoke City vs. Sunderland AFC Match Preview: This is a short prediction brought to you as the Suturday matchday is full of fixtures, but Stoke City vs Sunderland one seems very impressing in terms of who are able to climb out of the relegation zone first. None of them..
Melbourne Victory - Melbourne City Prediction 15/10/2016

Melbourne Victory vs Melbourne City

Melbourne Victory vs. Melbourne City Match Preview: Quite fierce derby awaits us in the second round of the newly arrived Australian A-League between Melbourne's teams as Melbourne Victory, the most titled club in the championship, facing Melbourne City who, in fact,..
Nottingham Forest vs. Birmingham City: Prediction, Betting tips 14/10/2016

Nottingham vs Birmingham

Nottingham Forest vs. Birmingham City Match Preview: The twelfth round of English Championship promises to be not less thrilling as the previous ones as Birmingham City are on a good run and departs to visit Nottingham Forest for determining who actually deserve to..
Borussia Dortmund vs. Hertha Berlin: Prediction, Betting tips 14/10/2016

Borussia Dortmund vs Hertha

Borussia Dortmund vs. Hertha BSC Match Preview: The seventh round of the German Bundesliga will be undoubtedly initiated by the central match which includes Borussia Dortmund and Hertha Berlin. The Berlin team is now marginally ahead of its coming opposition, but to..
Toulouse vs. AS Monaco: Prediction, Betting tips 14/10/2016

Toulouse vs AS Monaco

Toulouse vs. AS Monaco Match Preview: Monaco club, being the main follower of leading Nice team, are about to travel to Toulouse for obtaining another victory and therewith to bring its win stats on to seven out of nine overall in the current running season of French..
Adelaide United vs. WS Wanderers: Prediction, Betting tips 14/10/2016

Adelaide United vs WS Wanderers

Adelaide United vs. WS Wanderers Match Preview: Kick-off: 07:50 CET, 14th of October, 2016. Match status: AUSTRALIA: A-League Predictions - Round 2. Venue: "Coopers Stadium" in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia...
Slovenia vs. England: Prediction, Betting tips 11/10/2016

Slovenia vs England

Slovenia vs. England Match Preview: As a match of the third qualifying round for the 2018 World Cup Predictions England will travel for a visit to the Slovenia team. Both teams produced three points, but the Slovenes had a much more difficult game, because they fought..
Germany vs. Northern Ireland: Match preview, Predictions & Betting tips 11/10/2016

Germany vs Northern Ireland

Germany vs. Northern Ireland Match Preview: Within the third round of the qualifying tournament for the 2018 World Cup Betting Tips and Predictions, Germany's national team, being the reigning champion of the world, take on very nice opponent - the team of Northern..
Netherlands vs. France. World Cup Qualifier: Prediction, Betting tips 10/10/2016

Netherlands vs France

Netherlands vs. France Match Preview: Here there is one scheduled game from 2018 World Cup Predictions. The Netherlands team is getting out of the crisis period, it was seen by the football quality and ending result of the fixture displayed by the Oranges against..
Sweden vs. Bulgaria. World Cup Qualifier: Prediction, Betting tips 10/10/2016

Sweden vs Bulgaria

Sweden vs. Bulgaria Match Preview: Monday will not be rich in interesting matches. Yes, it's a mega-game Netherlands - France coming as the match of the day, however in other occasions the elite of European football will be playing against newcomers and outsiders. And..
Albania vs. Spain. World Cup Qualifier: Prediction, Betting tips 09/10/2016

Albania vs Spain

Albania vs. Spain Match Preview: This is one of the preferred games of ours in the 2018 World Cup Predictions. Spain national team are travelling to visit Albania this weekend. Bookmakers are pretty sure about the Iberians win, what is hard to dispute, though...
Iceland vs. Turkey. World Cup Qualifier: Prediction, Betting tips 09/10/2016

Iceland vs Turkey

Iceland vs. Turkey Match Preview: One of the 2018 World Cup Betting Tips qualifying tournament matches will be the fixture between the national teams of Iceland and Turkey. Two participants of the final stage of Euro-2016 will play each other. Iceland's national team..
Serbia vs. Austria. World Cup Qualifier: Prediction, Betting tips 09/10/2016

Serbia vs Austria

Serbia vs. Austria Match Preview: In this article you are welcome to freely view one of our 2018 World Cup Betting tips. At the start of the nation qualifying selection the national teams of Serbia and Austria have showed the synchronous results and seriously aim to..
Germany vs. Czech Republic. World Cup Qualifier: Prediction, Betting tips 08/10/2016

Germany vs Czech Republic

Germany vs. Czech Republic Match Preview: Germany national team are pretty soon to play its second round of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup Predictions in Hamburg next Saturday against the Czech Republic. Bookmakers believe that the Czechs have not even the slightest..
Poland vs. Denmark. World Cup Qualifier: Prediction, Betting tips 08/10/2016

Poland vs Denmark

Poland vs. Denmark Match Preview: One of the most interesting fixtures of the second round qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup Betting Tips among the matches is surely to be be held on 8 October, when it is going to take place in Poland, where the local team are hosting..