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10 Rules Novice Bettors should follow to succeed in Betting

10 Rules Novice Bettors should follow to succeed in Betting

Items, listed below, have been tested by many beginners and experienced punters during the existence of Betting business. However, we would like to mention before we start that the represented material does not claim ultimate truth, and it exactly does not guarantee that you will get victorious against bookmakers and no way it guarantees to bring you millions of dollars, though. But nevertheless, following these rules may save your money and raise your chances to turning up a winner. Well, let's get started.

10 Main Rules of a new betting player are below:

1. Bet for what? We all can regard betting as either a business or entertainment, depends on what approach to use. In the first case we have to comprehend there is never a 100% guarantee of winning, always we find it like kind of game called gambling, and all we put at stake is pretty much risky and compromising the bankroll. Once you start betting, establish the money limit you can allocate for your game and make sure it will not cause much damage to your main finances. In addition you should make up a strategy and stick to it as long as you are in, define your stake range, outcomes, keep an eye on all the sports events within the selected kind of sport, read and learn constantly.

If you find betting an entertainment or a bonus to enjoyable support and keep track of your favourite team, so you may not follow any principles, even no rules are needed to do what you like. One advice - do not put at stake too much, that may bring you bitter taste, though.

2. Bookmaker selection. The longer a bookmaker works in the business, the more trust it takes. In general, major betting companies highly treasure its reputation and customers. At the same time, any other one-day bookie might easily disappear with your money in possession at once. Namely, it is all the same when you are to choose a bank to deposit. Therefore we strongly recommend you to view our selection regarding which one to pick on this bookmaker reviews page.

3. Never be 100% confident. Novice bettors often make a huge mistake when mostly looking at digits indicated as odds in the moneyline, thinking that if a team is favourite, then they always win for certain. The odd simply displays probabilities given to a particular outcome of a sport event to happen, that's all. Football & soccer history includes a load of such sensations, when a certain underdog eventually beat the favourite, however, prior the match no one could even expect that might be for real. That is it.

4. Favourite of match. From the previous paragraph one important thing should be mentioned over and over again - most bets the bookmakers accept from customers are bets on favourites, indeed, which are estimated as odds at 1.1 - 1.4 (1/10 - 4/10) in most cases with the participation of favourite team or player. There is no doubt that preferred teams often win its matches, but placing bets on them relying on the odd only is at least ridiculous. The game may simply be drawn and no winnings you do not receive if preferred by you team plays poorly. That is why you should carefully analyse every bet you place on favourites and that bet should be based on your hypothesis, not on odds suggested by the sportsbook.

5. Multiple bets or Accumulators ("Parlay"). Naturally, every novice bettor upon registration or visit to a bookmaker office is aware how to play accumulators or make parlays, namely it is like multiplying a stake into a greater amount by placing a few bets in a row or within one bet (odds are multiplied respectively), but a parlay is won when all the bets go winning without exclusion, though. Bad thing is if you are trying to guess a lot of outcomes at once, your chance to win will be significantly reduced due to the probability theory, and most likely the bookmaker will get your accumulator lost and grab your funds on its side.

So we can surely state that there are either many bettor who play parlays successfully, in general this relates distinguished punters, and a lot more players get caught losing at this kind of betting. Remarkable fact: a new bookie player always forgets about the probability theory and tries to accumulate his parlay bet to enormous odds, then hit the jackpot, but eventually he gets disappointed.

10 Rules Novice Bettors should follow to succeed in Betting

6. Financial strategy. Set up your bankroll amount (money you can spend on betting), stake for one bet (recommend it to be less than 5%), sport direction, approximate number of bets per day (week), ratio of single and multiple bets if there are some. The number of placed bets has to allow every of them to be considered and measured in advance because we regard betting as a profitable business, right? The moment you depart from the selected strategy means the beginning of the end - believe us, it is very important. Thus, before you intend to place a bet, be sure you are following your advantageous strategy first of all.

7. Winning & losing streaks. It can happen to anyone, and you are not an exception. There are moments when every bettor, whether a newcomer to the world of betting or experienced punter, get to suffer those streaks that will occur in your betting career anyway. The most dangerous situation is when you have caught a winning streak of 5-10 consecutive won bets and right away you start considering yourself as a king of gambling. That feeling may bring you down as soon as you lose your first bet from the streak, then you unconsciously want to cover the loss with another winning bet by just increasing it. Here it is. Remember once and forever - after a winning streak always comes a losing one (proved by many players). To avoid that exemplified process, you must follow the strategy and be ready when it happens.

8. Bet on what you are well-versed in. You physically cannot cover all the sports at once. Pick out one-two, at max three kind of sports you are willing to comprehend. Do not spray your efforts! Even it would be much better to restrict yourself by particular soccer leagues and keep track of them, their news, what occurs within at full power. If you mean to bet wisely, then it is required to know all the standings, who are now on the rise, who are on some sort of streaks, etc. In addition we strongly recommend watching all the matches of the league you have chosen and keep it going trend with yourself.

9. Emotions, faith, hope. Typically, novice players forget that they want to earn, rather than cheer for their favourite team. It may sound illogically someway - it is better to maximally go away from football matches being a fan and shift your focus to reasonable and rational estimation of a situation. Try to eliminate the element of passion and affection for teams.

10. Life and betting. It is not worth building a cult about betting, even though you decided to make it a business. Victories substitute losses and vice versa while life is moving on. Even in case you lost your whole bankroll, remember that there are family, friends, real life you ought to take care of. It is not necessary to sacrifice for winnings , just learn to combine betting with real life and make it an extra income, no more of it. Good luck with this exciting endeavour!

No less important fact to succeed in Betting is the right selection of Bookmaker

In this part of the article we listed all the most time-tested and reliable sportsbook, so you are free to pick one of them and be sure your money is in safety.

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