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Obvious advantages of Online Bookmakers

Obvious advantages of Online Bookmakers

Why to bet online is beneficial?

Obviously we can surely state that the bookmaking business took its start from England, first of all. That's where all the current World's leading betting companies like Bet365, William Hill, Marathonbet, LadBrokes, 10Bet etc. started to operate and till' now they remain the best in online betting so far. But before the World Wide Web was invented, all of them had been cooperating via betting booths which were located in the street of the whole England and accepted bets directly through an operator. They still exist - every British bettor is aware of it, however, with the advent of the Internet things have changed and most of them now prefer playing against bookmakers sitting in a chair in front of the computer screen. Nevertheless, we have to admit that's very comfortable and get us a lot of advantages we must take.

By virtue of the complexity of Internet regulation, the gambling control administration generally aims for regulating the real (offline) section that can be checked and "touched". No wonder that requirements for totalizators and sportsbooks are constantly being tightened. Gambling controls apply new corrections in the gambling law regarding fixed matches and herewith every winning is taxed with additional commission. Namely by that every single punter is reduced the possibility to ultimately turn out with a profit by the end of a season. The advantages of online gambling have become more obvious.

In this page you will find all the actual bookmaker reviews and rating. Read on, below there is our main recommended list of existing bookies you strongly should taste.
Here are the main pros to start betting online:

1. Reliability

Reliability factor is most important for a bettor. International online betting companies with the European and British licenses (it is truly difficult to obtain it) are more secure compared to other betting points located nearby a bookie player's home. However, an existing license does not always guarantee that you will withdraw your winnings. Therefore it would be better for you to pick out a reliable time-tested sportsbook by many punters from the entire world.

At online bookmaker it's needless to keep your bet ticket to get paid, so each winning bet you place is money in your pocket, if saying frankly. At offline betting points in case you lose your won ticket, in most occasions your winnings will not come to you or you will face the situation when it would be hard to restore. Thus, a plenty of winnings remain unclaimed which bring an additional revenue to bookmakers.

2. Security and privacy

Making bets online you will never be compromised to carry cash with you, bet and withdraw catching losers' glimpses who temporarily hang around the bookmaker in real life.

Tax issues drop out for you as well, you get paid according to the actual results. Tax offices are unable to surf websites making requests to be supplied with the customer list of bookmakers from various countries who make profit from them. Moreover, it is unlikely that sportsbooks ever reply to their requests.

3. Time saving

When it comes to time economy, then the online betting is really the best way to make bets without a necessity of going somewhere, joining queues in order to do what you can do right in your bed after you wake up. All you need is Internet access and there you go. There is a very remarkable advantage - you may choose any bookmaker you want to play against, from little-known to world famous names, the choice is your to make as it says in different songs. Herewith you also might compare odds on a selected sports event in several bookmakers and in the end place a maximum profitable bet. Agree with me that not a single offline bookie can boast with such an option, because to compare odds you will have to attend a few spots around your city to pick the best out of them and only after you will be informed of the best ones. But the thing is it takes time and odds have a tendency to drop, by the way.

4. Maximal convenience

To start betting you simply need to sign up at one of the bookies, pick the favourite kind of sport, then bet! Meanwhile, you are not limited by time: placing bets is available on any day and at any time of weekend. There is also one advantage we would like to highlight is the opportunity to bet via a smartphone or a tablet, what is impossible against live bookmakers.

5. The benefits of online sportsbooks' competition

Indeed, the majority of the online bookies fully realize that you are not bound to them - you can open accounts at the competitors as well. Absolutely a different thing when you bet at the betting booth nearby home, there are no competitors across the road, then there is nowhere for you to go and they can offer anything - that'll do.

6. Best Odds, Bonuses and Promotions

Expenses of online Bookies, of course, fewer due to the fact they are not supposed to rent offices and hire cashiers, just several computer servers service the whole betting world. The saved funds are directed to the worldwide competition between bookmakers, making them enhance the odds and create new promotions. They include welcome, sign-up bonuses, bonus points for regular customers, free bets, and events dedicated to some sports competitions, for example like the World Cup or the Champions league etc.

7. Various markets and account limits

Market variety increases the chance to win, because you can try betting on the correct score, European handicaps, Asian handicaps, goals total, 1x2, double chances etc. Wide moneyline allows a bettor to develop his own winning strategy. This is much more convenient as it completely excludes the mistake factor from the third person - you trust only yourself, not rely on the cashier or on the follower from the queue who might give you bad advises and name false odds, your predicted outcome, etc.

Online bookmakers usually provide its players higher account limits unlike betting booths as all they get many of bettors participated in link on one sports event and they have a large liquidity reserve than a betting spot in real, which works under the well-known guise (just buy moneyline from them), but fact is they are responsible for winnings from its own capital.

8. Legality

Online bets are absolutely legal as bet acceptance is executed by the bookmaker server that is placed where that bookie was licensed. It's like if you go to England or Malta and place a bet there in person, but remotely through the website.

Many facts say in favour of online bookmakers. If you are into betting and still doubtful how to keep on doing your favourite thing, give it a try playing online and you will definitely like it! Bet with wisdom and may luck be with you!

Our recommended list of bookmakers you should try out:

1. Bet365

Obvious advantages of Online Bookmakers

This sportbook provides its new customers the huge welcome bonus worth 200 £/€ on the first deposit.

2. William Hill

Obvious advantages of Online Bookmakers

This William Hill offers its new customers to claim up a free bet worth 20 £/€ upon the first bet made with stake 10 £/€.

3. 888Sport

Obvious advantages of Online Bookmakers

The bookie 888sport Trebles your odds on your first bet + 5 € added to casino. This is probably the most attractive bonus you can claim up here.

4. BetFair

Obvious advantages of Online Bookmakers

The BetFair sportbook allows its new customers to place a free bet bonus worth 30 £/€.

5. 10Bet

Obvious advantages of Online Bookmakers

The 10Bet provides its new customers the huge welcome bonus worth 200 £/€ on the first deposit.
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