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Leicester City: New steps in history with Craig Shakespear

Leicester City: New steps in history with Craig Shakespear

The many opined against the dismissal of Claudio Ranieri. But there has been found the one in England who, if not reconsidered his views on it, at least tried to trace the logic of that decision, "Leicester achieved what they strived for. Now the team plays fairly strong football and get results", - told the head coach of «West Ham» Slaven Bilić about the success that "The Foxes" have attained. His club was one of the beaten that suffered from renewed Leicester. Again the reigning Premier League titleholders look invincible.

«Liverpool», «Hull City», «West Ham», «Stoke City», and «Sunderland» - the sides that have lost to Leicester City since Ranieri left the club. In these matches, Shakespeare's men scored 13 times and conceded as many as 4 goals at the time. As a matter of fact, during the course of Ranieri's guidance in 2017, Leicester FC had not recorded a single goal into their scoring efficiency tally within the frame of Premier League competition. What is more, the team had had a five-match losing run just before the Italian manager was discharged, which has been followed by another streak to five games with wins now - and this is the second ever experience observed in the EPL history. An alike situation occurred earlier in 2004 involving «Tottenham Hotspur».

Successfully "The Foxes" have leapt out of the relegation zone, and as for the time being they are found nearby around the middle area of the table, not to tell that they might remain there or even higher in the top 10 if their pace is kept up. Also, you can view our full range of Premier League betting, and find out how William Hill estimate further games featuring Leicester City with Craig Shakespeare and the other competing teams in Barclays Premier League. In relation to European commitment, the club from Leicester has eliminated a Spain representative and the actual Europa League champions in the face of «Sevilla» as they advanced to the quarter-finals. The results speak volumes.

It seems strange, but after Ranieri's dismissal, the first-team players of Leicester have reformed their way of play properly, though. Riyad Mahrez is yet wanted by «Barcelona», who are willing to sign him paying up to 40s million euro; Jamie Vardy is no longer given interest in his persona as a striker, although he began to score again. In the last nine matches with his involvement, the Englishman has registered 7 goals on his name, contributing for two else in the form of assists. Last year there was sparkling off the link Drinkwater - Vardy. Now Albrighton has sharply boosted his playing level when Marc entered the game against «Sunderland» from the bench and twice assisted late in the closing minutes. «The Blues» won 2:0. The newly fresh Leicester even happen to see Islam Slimani score, who was considered the major failed signing decision from Ranieri. Again, Vardy still curses himself as before because of the embarrassing slip-ups which, all of a sudden, began to affect his scoring efficiency.

"Why don't we win the Champions league this year?", - cheerfully Craig Shakespeare made a slip in speaking when he'd finally been appointed to the position of the head manager of Leicester club. While Guus Hiddink admitted his priority was on top of the potential candidates list to drive forward the English team and he continually received various offers. Yet the distinguished Dutch specialist insisted on leaving Shakespeare at the helm henceforth. Exactly that same Shakespeare whose name has already taken its place in Premier League's history. Since no one of all the British managers ever worked in England succeeded in winning at least the first four debut matches in the EPL, Shakespeare has gotten through surpassing this achievement. By the time being, «Leicester» are with five consecutive victories in England under the direction of Craig Shakespeare. What's more interesting, is that among the coaches who won their first five games of Premier League there count only three, where Pep Guardiola and Carlo Ancelotti - are Shakespeare's neighbours for this ranking.

"I was hoping «Leicester City» would hit on Barcelona in the Champions league quarter-finals. Now will have to wait until the semifinals", - commented Gary Lineker on the draw of the competition. In Leicester people believe over again, and they are ready to proceed with surprises. There're two severe meets ahead for the team against the sides of «Atletico Madrid» twice as European commitment and «Crystal Palace», to take part in the Premier League round 33. The squad from Leicestershire has two months else left until the season finish - a term that renewed, euphoric Leicester need to hold out.

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