Chile vs. Uruguay Betting Predictions 16/11/2016

Chile vs. Uruguay

Chile vs. Uruguay Match Preview: Chile - Uruguay. Fighting in the South American qualifying group is exacerbated to the limit. Just eight teams claim for a trip to Russia. Two of them figure out the relationship between them. If Uruguay has a good margin of safety,..
Ecuador vs. Venezuela Betting Predictions 15/11/2016

Ecuador vs. Venezuela

Ecuador vs. Venezuela Match Preview: Ecuador - Venezuela. Various tournament tasks necessary to solve the current contenders. Ecuador continues to race the leaders, keeping the chances of getting into the final of the World Cup. Venezuela is a local struggle with..
Bolivia vs. Paraguay Predictions & Betting tips 15/11/2016

Bolivia vs. Paraguay

Bolivia vs. Paraguay Match Preview: Bolivia - Paraguay. Complete failure of the current contenders for the matches of the last round of qualifying for the World Cup. Team form leaves much to be desired. Paraguay unlike Bolivia has chances for a trip in 2018 in Russia...
Belgium vs. Estonia Predictions & Betting tips 13/11/2016

Belgium vs. Estonia

Belgium vs. Estonia Match Preview: The leader of the group H the Belgian national team in the fourth qualifying round for the World Cup will take Estonia. Between the two teams today have a big enough difference in the classroom, and guests will be very difficult to..
Portugal vs. Latvia Predictions & Betting tips 13/11/2016

Portugal vs. Latvia

Portugal vs. Latvia Match Preview: In the fourth round of qualifying for the upcoming World Championship in Portugal national team will take on its field of Latvia. The Portuguese in the context of the fight for the top spot only needs to win and preferably with a big..
Greece vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina Predictions & Betting tips 13/11/2016

Greece vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina

Greece vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina Match Preview: In one of the most interesting matches of the fourth round of qualifying for the World Cup will meet national teams of Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Both teams are among the candidates to get into the final stage of..
Switzerland vs. Faroe Islands: Predictions and Betting tips 13/11/2016

Switzerland vs. Faroe Islands

Switzerland vs. Faroe Islands Match Preview: Switzerland - Faroe Islands. Teams will be pleasantly surprised at the start of the qualifying round, in the internal opposition will try to prove that their success was not accidental. Class Switzerland is much higher...
Luxembourg vs. Netherlands Predictions & Betting tips 13/11/2016

Luxembourg vs. Netherlands

Luxembourg vs. Netherlands Match Preview: Luxembourg - Netherlands. Due to the higher class guests must carry out their tasks in the upcoming match, but still will have to force the Netherlands. Luxembourg in recent years has made significant progress. The team..
Croatia vs. Iceland Predictions & Betting tips. 2018 World Cup Qualifier

Croatia vs. Iceland

Croatia vs. Iceland Match Preview: Croatia - Iceland. The central match of the fourth round of Group I on the field to find out the relationship will lead. Give preference to one of the parties is not so simple. Factor your field virtually offset by this..
France vs. Sweden. Predictions & Tips 11/11/2016

France vs. Sweden

France vs. Sweden Match Preview: In group A in the fourth round of qualifying for the very interesting fight will take place in 2018, in which the leader of the group of the French team at home will host the national team of Sweden, which is in second place in the..
England vs. Scotland 11/11/2016 Predictions & Betting tips

England vs. Scotland

England vs. Scotland Match Preview: The fourth round of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup Group F will give British football fans derby England at home will take Scotland. Naturally, at this point the British position look much more presentable and stronger than the..
San Marino vs Germany. Predictions & Tips 11/11/2016

San Marino vs. Germany

San Marino vs. Germany Match Preview: German national team this coming Friday will make a trip to San Marino. Joachim Loew's wards will play with the local team in the fourth round of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup. It is clear that the favorite of the match is the..
Czech Republic vs Norway. Predictions & Tips 11/11/2016

Czech Republic vs. Norway

Czech Republic vs. Norway Match Preview: Czech Republic national team in the fourth round of qualifications for the future will mundialyu Norway on its field. Today, both teams are located at the bottom of the standings, and therefore need a victory as the one and the..
Romania vs. Poland 11/11/2016 Predictions & Betting tips

Romania vs. Poland

Romania vs. Poland Match Preview: An interesting confrontation between two strong European nation teams, one of which marks the ranks of the international football giants. Naturally, these are Poland team, which has grown strong generation of players, capable of..
Denmark vs. Kazakhstan 11/11/2016 Predictions & Betting tips

Denmark vs. Kazakhstan

Denmark vs. Kazakhstan Match Preview: Denmark and Kazakhstan started like true underdogs in the qualifying, and failure in this match almost put an end to the chances of these teams play at the World Championship in Russia. Therefore, in this confrontation we see two..